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About Us


We believe in education

The Compass Online is a US-registered 501(c)(3) 

educational non-profit organization. We are devoted to promoting healthy communities by creating educational content and fostering local action amongst young people.

We want to create a world of well-educated young people who are empowered to take action to solve community issues. 

Education forges local action

There are still 58.4 million children out of primary school globally, with 8% of children of primary school age not attending school. Education should be accessible globally.

Only 23.2% of Americans volunteer each year. This means that only 60.7 million people are responsible for an economic value of $122.9 billion each year. Without proper access to opportunities, the engagement of young people may be limited. 

We exist to change this. 

Helping Hands

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Board of Directors

Our Team

Kate Wexell, United States

Lubna Khanam, India

Ayooluwa Ogunsola, Nigeria

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